Convergent NanoFlash for rent at Film Equipment Hire


  • Supports FCP/Avid/Edius/Vegas & More
  • HDMI I/O
  • Audio I/O
  • Camcorder Mountable
  • Low Power Consumption

Day €70  /  Weekend €100  /  Week €210

Convergent NanoFlash for rent at Film Equipment Hire

NanoFlash from Convergent Design records video, audio and timecode from an HD-SDI stream onto CompactFlash (CF) cards, employing the high quality Sony 4:2:2 MPEG2 codec for compression. Boasting an incredible small size and super low power consumption, nanoFlash stands poised to revolutionize the broadcast video industry.

The camera-mountable nanoFlash, a miniaturized version of the award winning Flash XDR, has two CF card slots and embedded audio support only. nanoFlash can be powered from a camcorder battery (6.5-20VDC) and records 1080i60/50, 1080p30/25/24 or 720p60/50 at full raster (1920 x 1080i/p and 1280x720p) 4:2:2 MPEG2 at 50/100 Mbps (Long GOP) or 100/160 Mbps (I Frame only). As both a recorder and player, nanoFlash sports HD-SDI I/O as well as LTC in, wired remote control and a power/start/tally light connector.

Records To Readily Available CF Memory Cards
32GB Compact Flash cards, available for a fraction of the cost of other professional video cards, enables 140/70 minutes of record time of high quality 50/100Mbps 4:2:2 footage per load of two cards (bit rates above 100Mbps require the 300X 16GB CF cards). Unlike FireWire based hard disk recorders, which merely copy the native camera video quality, nanoFlash can encode a live camera’s “never compressed” HD SDI output to a much higher quality, higher bitrate with less compression, eliminating most of the mosquito noise and blurring artifacts. Full raster 1920×1080 (as opposed to 1440×1080 or 1280×1080) processing, coupled with 4:2:2 color (instead of 4:2:0), greatly improves horizontal resolution as well as keying and compositing operations.
Optional ASI I/O Firmware Upgrade
nanoFlash can be further enhanced with an ASI I/O firmware upgrade (pricing TBD). ASI I/O (MPEG2 TS) enables use of nanoFlash in HD ENG/EFP (live news coverage) and video over IP applications. Programmable bit rates from 17.5 to 100 Mbps easily support microwave and satellite transmissions.


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