RT Motion Wireless Follow Focus for rent

RT Motion Wireless Follow Focus for rent

RT Motion Wireless Follow Focus for rent


After a very long wait we have finally received our RT Motion Wireless Follow Focus System. This has been getting rave reviews for some time now and the company has struggled to keep up with demand and had to move to a larger manufacturing site , hence the long delays. It was worth the wait, very well made and very responsive, it has a very small receiver which can control up to three motors (at the moment we only have one) which means you can control Focus, Iris and Zoom from the same controller, range is up to 1.5KM which makes it great for Drone and Movi use. It uses Canon DSLR batteries for the transmitter and power to receiver provided by a D-Tap or other cables will be available to run from Steadicam. Red, Alexa etc.




MK3.1 Lens Control System

  • World’s smallest and lightest lens control receiver – 3 motor control as standard.
  • OLED menu screen with easy to use menu system.
  • NEW Unique interference-free FHSS (frequency hopping spread spectrum) wireless.
  • Ultra powerful wireless, up to 1,500 meters line-of-sight with 42 channels.
  • Automatic and Manual lens calibration.
  • Adjustable motor response, Slow, Fast, Normal.
  • Unique automatic calibration and torque control to protect lenses.
  • Simultaneous 4 Axis control as standard (Knob, Slider, A and B), 6 with optional force-joystick (X and Y).
  • No noticeable latency.
  • Integral protected antennas to help prevent damage.
  • Run-stop support for Arri, Alexa, Red EPIC, Red One, Sony F55, Phantom Flex, LANC and Black Magic.
  • Full 16bit digital transmission.
  • Micro USB ports for firmware updates and PC MOCO (motion control).
  • FCC/IC/CE Certified wireless, World-wide licence-free 2.4 GHz.
  • All precision machined from aerospace grade aluminium billet.


by Colin Browne

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