MYT Sliders now available to rent at Film Equipment Hire Ireland

MYT Sliders now available to rent at Film Equipment Hire Ireland


Unique Technology in Camera Slider and Dolly Design

The systems in our MYT family of camera sliders represent a unique technology that radically departs from traditional camera dolly design.


Our patented 3-in-1 system comprises three main components: camera slider track in a length of your choice; wheeled rover dolly with foam rubber wheels; and a cross-compatible camera hi-hat with a bowl or plate mount of your choice.

Our one-latch hi-hat release enables operators to:

  • use the camera hihat on the slider dolly, flip the latch and lift the hihat (fully mounted with camera) from the track
  • use the hihat as a standalone camera support
  • take the hihat and mount it with the same locking latch on the rover dolly, which is great for low profile shots and rolls smoothly on a wide variety of surfaces
  • you can even have multiple camera hihat assemblies with various tripod head mounts, fully assembled and ready to use in tandem


We started from the ground up, basing our sliders on a dual extrusion track that is far stronger than the aluminum or stainless steel rails most systems rely on. These tracks are exceptionally strong and far more rigid, boasting imperceptible deflection even with a full camera load at the center. This approach offers many advantages, not least of which being the smoother motion consistency throughout the track length. The strength of the rails also opens up a wider range of support options, and frees operators from the hassle of center mounting.


Our patentpending bearing design features components of incredible precision, machined to the highest tolerances. Our bearing block is a true industryfirst combination of a captive sleeve and proprietary wheel housed to glide on the track. This design allows for an unbelievably smooth motion that is also completely free of the backandforth rocking found on most other sliders. Also very important is the clean start and stop on our sliders, which represents what we at MYT consider to be one of the most important aspects of a camera slider.

Some further features of our bearing design:

  • braking system that is transferable between the four bearings on each slider
  • removable protective cap on the top of each bearing allows for incredibly easy cleaning
  • floating design on stainless steel dowel pins that accommodates any variation in temperature and compression/expansion differential
  • protective sleeves for the rails
  • lubricationfree system with easy maintenance


Our camera hihats are based on a modular design that allows for variance in your camera and video head setup. Raise or lower your mount by swapping out the rods on your hihat; deconstruct the hihat and change your mount to accommodate a different head; eliminate the handle bracket to attain a lowerprofile mount; and more! Mounts available in 75mm, 100mm, 150mm bowls, Mitchell mount and Flat mount styles.


Our MYT Glide camera sliders can be mounted in a wide variety of configurations designed to meet every operating need, from the lowest point to the highest. Some examples:


  • 5/8” stud receiver located on both the structural bridge plates sandwiched between the rails, each featuring a protective stud cap that prevents the stand from interfering with the carriage motion
  • 3/8” female threads to accept any halfball adapter on each SP plate
  • option to mount a halfball adapter with M6 threaded screws in the triangular throughhole pattern on the SP plates, which provides additional stability


  • low profile support with 3/8” threaded baby feet in 1” lengths
  • aluminum end trusses option which provide additional mounting solutions, including 45° baby feet receivers; height and angle adjustable rosette leg adapters; outsidetrack light stand adapters; and direct surface
  • mounting with the grippy rubber buttons on the underside of each truss
  • dynamic plate option for Medium and Large sliders which mounts on the underside of the rails and can be supported with a tripod, allowing the operator to position the slider track without moving the tripod support
  • underslung adapter kit for Medium and Large slider systems which positions your camera hihat, head, and camera setup underneath the slider


There are a wide variety of accessories mounting options on each of the supporting cheese plates on our camera sliders, including ¼20”, 3/8”, and ½13” thread receivers. The same holes are likewise sprinkled on our camera hihat, aluminum end trusses, and full array of accessories to allow for any configuration an operator could require.

Film Equipment Hire Ireland to open new branch in Galway

Film Equipment Hire Galway

Film Equipment Hire Ireland to open new branch in Galway

We’re excited to announce that Film Equipment Hire is opening in Galway this Summer!

Galway’s film and television industry is thriving; designated as a UNESCO City of Film, home to the Film Fleadh, TG4 and a host of accomplished production companies, filmmakers and freelancers.

We are looking forward to bringing Film Equipment Hire’s world class service and infrastructure to Galway and we are confident it will make for a welcome resource to our industry in the west of Ireland.

We will be releasing further details over the coming weeks. To keep up to-date with Film Equipment Hire Galway find us on Facebook.