Litepanels Astra’s are here!

Litepanels Astra Ep 1x1 Bi-Color LED Panel for rent at Film Equipment Hire Ireland

We have been waiting on these new Litepanels for more than a year, we finally received them and worth the wait. Offering superior colour reproduction with high colour rendition, accurate and adjustable colour temperatures (daylight to tungsten), high efficiency thermals with selectable cooling modes, and the usual excellent build quality of Litepanels, they make a great addition to our growing LED stock.



Panasonic GH4 for rent at Film Equipment Hire

Panasonic GH4 for rent at Film Equipment Hire

Film Equipment Hire now have the pocket rocket that is the Panasonic GH4 available for hire. This little monster shoots 4K and UHD internally, as well as Full HD in frame rates up to 60p. It also offers internal slow motion capture up to 96fps in 1080p, and convenient internal Time-lapse options.

Panasonic GH4 Zeiss CP Prime

Panasonic GH4 with Carl Zeiss CP Prime

This really is a very versatile all-in-one camera package for those familiar with DSLR shooting, with great internal codec options including up to 200mbps Full HD recording, and various picture profile options including Cine-D and V flat picture styles. It’s 16 MP MOS Sensor offers a broad 13 stops of Dynamic Range.

We have a number of lens options for the GH4 including native Micro Four Thirds and Canon EF and Nikon G mount adapters so you can use any of our Panasonic, Rokinon, Canon, Nikon and Carl Zeiss glass.

If you need a small, convenient and versatile camera package, the GH4 is certainly worth a look.

Dana Dolly now available to rent at Film Equipment Hire

Dana Dolly for rent at Film Equipment Hire

The Dana Dolly for rent at Film Equipment Hire is an affordable camera dolly system that can go with you virtually anywhere. Designed by a key grip with over 20 years’ experience in all types of production, it is both simple and practical. The Dana Dolly is easy to set up, it can be used with a variety of track options, and can be supported using standard junior stands, apple boxes, or the ground, whatever the shot requires. A popular choice is using the Matthews Low Boy Combo stand as this stand can be used with “combo adapter wheels” so you can roll the dolly into place when the terrain permits. The dolly itself has a Mitchell Mount that can take all types of camera heads, and this kit includes bowl adapters for 75mm, 100mm and 150mm heads. The sixteen-wheel design with floating trucks provides a smooth glide. The track ends and center support can use any 1 1/4″ pipe as a track: aluminum, stainless steel, etc. So if you’re on location and don’t want to pack track, you can stop by a DIY Store and pick up some pipe or conduit as an alternative to the Schedule 80 aluminum pipe the manufacturer recommends for everyday use. This Dana Dolly kit is called the “Rental” Kit because it is so complete and versatile,

RT Motion Wireless Follow Focus for rent

RT Motion Wireless Follow Focus for rent

RT Motion Wireless Follow Focus for rent


After a very long wait we have finally received our RT Motion Wireless Follow Focus System. This has been getting rave reviews for some time now and the company has struggled to keep up with demand and had to move to a larger manufacturing site , hence the long delays. It was worth the wait, very well made and very responsive, it has a very small receiver which can control up to three motors (at the moment we only have one) which means you can control Focus, Iris and Zoom from the same controller, range is up to 1.5KM which makes it great for Drone and Movi use. It uses Canon DSLR batteries for the transmitter and power to receiver provided by a D-Tap or other cables will be available to run from Steadicam. Red, Alexa etc.


MK3.1 Lens Control System

  • World’s smallest and lightest lens control receiver – 3 motor control as standard.
  • OLED menu screen with easy to use menu system.
  • NEW Unique interference-free FHSS (frequency hopping spread spectrum) wireless.
  • Ultra powerful wireless, up to 1,500 meters line-of-sight with 42 channels.
  • Automatic and Manual lens calibration.
  • Adjustable motor response, Slow, Fast, Normal.
  • Unique automatic calibration and torque control to protect lenses.
  • Simultaneous 4 Axis control as standard (Knob, Slider, A and B), 6 with optional force-joystick (X and Y).
  • No noticeable latency.
  • Integral protected antennas to help prevent damage.
  • Run-stop support for Arri, Alexa, Red EPIC, Red One, Sony F55, Phantom Flex, LANC and Black Magic.
  • Full 16bit digital transmission.
  • Micro USB ports for firmware updates and PC MOCO (motion control).
  • FCC/IC/CE Certified wireless, World-wide licence-free 2.4 GHz.
  • All precision machined from aerospace grade aluminium billet.


Tokina 11-16 Cine Lens

Tokina 11-16 T3 Cine Zoom EF For Rent

The highly regarded Tokina 11-16mm F2.8 has long been admired for its fast sharp optics, many people have had them modified to make them easier to work with on film cameras, now Tokina has brought out a new Cine version with a a special all-metal cinema housing, permanent 0.8 lens gears for all three barrels (Focus/Iris/Zoom), a de-clicked aperture,  T-stopped at T.3 along with distance scaling.

The Lens mount is Canon, a PL Version will be available shortly. The lens covers a Super 35mm sensor, on the Larger Full Frame 35mm (canon 5D etc), there will be some vignetting at its widest. We have also got in an MFT EF adapter for the F5’s so this lens can be used with them.

The second of the two lenses, the Cinema ATX 16-28mm T3.0, covers not only Super 35 and APS-C sensors, but also full-frame sensors. Available in Canon EF and PL mounts we hope to have it in stock soon


Tokina 11-16 Cine Lens is priced at 40 Euro per day ExVat