Film Equipment Hire is now stocking the RED Raven camera

Red Raven Camera for rent at Film Equipment Hire Ireland

Film Equipment Hire is now stocking the RED Raven camera which gives cinematic 4.5K Resolution up to 120fps and 2K up to 240fps in a Compact Body (p/n 710-0223). RED RAVEN™ delivers the creative flexibility and cinematic image quality that has come to be synonymous with RED®. RED RAVEN is an unprecedented 4.5K digital camera, ideal for the passionate and professional alike. Capable of capturing 4.5K resolution footage at up to 120 fps—or 2K at 240 fps—RED RAVEN harnesses the raw power of the RED DRAGON®,DxOMark’s highest rated sensor ever.
Designed and engineered around RED’s unwavering commitment to image quality and modularity—RED RAVEN is a full-fledged professional camera that will grow with you. As one of the smallest and most lightweight RED cameras yet, RED RAVEN is uniquely suited for hand-held shooting, as well as gimbal and drone applications.


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