12″ Transvideo CineMonitor Video Monitor for rent at Film Equipment Hire



  • Supports Analog HD/SD Video
  • Transvideo’s Proprietary Processor
  • RealFrameRate Processing
  • SuperBright Technology

The Transvideo 12″ CineMonitorHD12 3DView S Field Monitor features many tools and functions plus 3D processing.

Truly universal, the CineMonitorHD 3DView S Monitor processes HD SDI and HDMI left and right signals as well as side by side. With its embedded synchronizer and genlock analyser tools, the monitor is capable of working with non-genlocked cameras (like DSLRs). H&V flips are applied to these outputs.

This monitor can also be used for regular 2D HD productions. Firmware and software updates are possible by the user with a USB key.

12″ SuperBright Model
Advanced S3D tools in a medium-size field monitor
2x HD SDI & 2x HDMI
Embedded synchronizer and 2 processed outputs
3D Modes
Monitor comes with Anaglyph (Red/Cyan, Green/Magenta, Blue/Yellow), Color, B&W, Shutter Glasses, Side by Side, Monochrome, and Difference modes to let the fringes appear
Phase Analysis
A phasemeter provides pixel and line phase information between the 2 signals before synchronization
Vertical temporal break line shows the vertical blanking offset
3D Tools
Derobe’s grid and picture shift to achieve 2-camera photometric matching
Horizontal split and Checker board to adjust iris and color temperature of the 2 signals
Display Setting
Aspect ratio (16/9, 4:3, anamorphic 2.40:1)
Markers (safe area, 4:3 and 14/9)
Zoom & reframe (pixel to pixel)
Image flips and monitor reverse
Color Adjustments
Color calibration (D56/D65/manual) / full bright / dimmer adjust
Curves (LogC, LogF, PanaLog)
Gamma adjust
Color / green / B&W modes
Blue check
Picture Analysis
Line Waveforms (Y, R, G, B) / Parade Waveforms (RGB, GBR, YRGB, YPrPb) / Frame waveforms with user-programmable clipping levels
Luminance histogram
Exposure monitoring 1
2D Tools
Full color frameline and matting generator
Audio monitoring
Voltage control
Tri-color and on-screen tally (including embedded SDI tally)
Focus helper
i/Lens and CineTape data reader
Optional VirtualHorizon2


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