Anton Bauer Digital V90 VLock Kit x 2 + LP2 Charger to rent at Film Equipment Hire


  • Four 90WH Anton Bauer  V Locks
  • Anton Bauer 2 way LP4 simultaneous Charger

Day €25  /  Weekend €37.5  / Week €75 Ex VAT

Anton Bauer Digital V90 VLock Kit x LP2 Charger

Kit contains 2 x 90WH Anton Bauer Digital Batteries and an Anton Bauer LP2 2-Way charger


Key Features
  • Enlarged, Spacious Honeycomb Interior
  • Individually Wrapped, Isolated Cells
  • Increased Airflow & Heat Dissipation
  • 1000 Charge / Discharge Cycles
The Anton Bauer Digital 90 V-Mount Battery (14.4V, 93 Wh), along with the rest of the Digital Battery Series, represents a major makeover for Anton Bauer, featuring a redesign in several aspects over previous series. The result is a long-lasting, sleek and ergonomic, smart, and safe series of batteries, projected for 1000 charge/discharge cycles

Key Features

  • Lithium-ion Sanyo cells housed isolated in a spacious honeycomb interior
  • Increased airflow and heat dissipation protects cells from aging faster
  • Multiple sensors trigger an automatic shutdown when the battery is too hot or cold
  • Addresses the issue of “ringing” with an algorithm that smoothes out the power draw
  • Compatible with Performance Series and previous model Anton Bauer chargers
  • Provides more and more accurate capacity and run-time calculations over the life of the battery
  • Reports run time in hours and minutes when power is drawn, and as a percentage when no load is attached
  • Ergonomically shaped; rubber outer jacket provides cushion against accidental drops
  • P-Tap accessory port


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