ARRI ALEXA Classic EV for rent at Film Equipment Hire Ireland


  • Smallest and lightest ALEXA camera
  • Most affordable ALEXA camera
  • 16:9 sensor
  • SxS Module
    • ProRes or DNxHD recording to SxS PRO or SxS PRO+ cards
    • Dual recording: same footage simultaneously onto two cards
  • ARRIRAW T-Link
  • Day €380 / Weekend €570/ Week €1140

ARRI ALEXA Classic EV for rent at Film Equipment Hire Ireland

The first camera on the scene remains at the center of the family; it is the keystone of a modular and upgradeable system with exceptional image performance that is simple to operate, reliable in even the most extreme environments and versatile enough to cover a wide range of workflow and budget requirements. Whether your production is destined for the cinema or television, ALEXA will empower you to tell your story in exactly the way you think it should be told, with pictures of breathtaking richness and detail. The original ALEXA comes with a 16:9 sensor and the original SxS Module that accepts two SxS PRO cards for recording in-camera ProRes or DNxHD. ARRIRAW recording is possible with an external recorder.

High speed licence
5 x sxs 32g cards
EVF-1 Viewfinder
SBAC-US10 Card Reader
VMB-1 VF Bracket
VEB-1 VF Ext Bracket VF Cable
Short VF Cable
Medium CCH-1 Handle
HEB-2 Handle Ext Block
SP-3 Shoulder Pad
WA-1 Wedge Adaptor
LB-1 Levelling Block
BPA-1 Bridge Plate Adaptor
BP-12 Bridge Plate
BP-12 Sliding Plate
bebop ML-120 ALEX Hot Swap V Mount Plate
V-Lock Battery Kit



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