Beyerdynamic DT100 headphone for rent at Film Equipment Hire


  • Around-the-ear, closed-back headphone
  • Wide frequency response
  • Excellent isolation from ambient noise
  • Long-term wearing comfort

Day €5 / Weekend €7/ Week €15

Beyerdynamic DT100 headphone for rent at Film Equipment Hire


It’s closed operating system makes it especially suited to exclude ambient noise. Ideal for project studios, recording studios and location recording. Studio headphones that are 400 ohms, closed systems, white, with K 100.07 straight cable and 1/4″ stereo jack. The DT 100 headphone is widely used in audio recording and monitoring applications in studios worldwide. It is also intended for use in ENG/EFP field work, on-air commentary and in any other situation which needs to address the challenges of today’s digital and technological advances. The DT 100 offers a high degree of comfort and can be worn for hours without listener fatigue. The soft ear cushions effectively seal out ambient noise yet apply minimal pressure against the ear. Technical Specifications:

Transducer type Dynamic

Operating principle Closed

Frequency response 30 – 20,000 Hz

Nominal impedance acc. to IEC 60268-7 16

10% per cartridg

Nominal SPL acc. to IEC 60268-7 94 dB  Nominal THD acc. to IEC 60268-7 < 1%

Power handling capacity acc. to IEC 60268-7 1000 mW

Sound coupling to the ear Circumaural

Ambient noise isolation 20 dB (A)

Average pressure on ear acc. to IEC 60268-7 4.5 N Weight without cable 350 g


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