Bright Tangerine Revolvr Atom Cine Kit to rent at Film Equipment Hire


Key Features
  • 15mm LWS Rod Mounted Follow Focus
  • Mini Handwheel Accepts Cranks and Whips
  • Swing Arm and 2 x Drive Gears Included
  • 5 x Marking Discs Included

    Day €40  /  Weekend €60  /  Week €120

Bright Tangerine Revolvr Atom Cine Kit to rent at Film Equipment Hire re-imagines the classic lightweight single-sided follow focus with beautiful industrial design and high versatility with the Revolvr Atom.

The Revolvr Atom features interchangeable swing arms that can be mounted to either side. A “Cine Arm” comes standard with a 1:1.842 gear ratio for use with cinema lenses with large focus rotation. A “Slow Arm” can be substituted with a 1:1 gear ratio for use with still photo lenses or cinema lenses with limited throw of focus rotation.

In addition, hard stops can be added to the focus wheel, and a reversing gear is available upon request. Each Revolvr Atom is fitted with a compact-sized hand wheel to create a small and light package.


Bright Tangerine Revolvr Atom Cine Kit to rent at Film Equipment Hire is a compact follow-focus unit for mounting on 15mm LWS support rods. Key features include:

  • 15mm LWS rod-mounted follow focus
  • Great for hand-held and close-quarters work
  • Includes a swing arm, two drive gears, and two marking discs
  • Mini ergonomic conical hand wheel

Compact Follow-Focus Unit. The Bright Tangerine Revolvr Atom Cine Kit’s compact build and single-sided design make it ideal for hand-held and close-quarters work. Its single-sided focus bridge is designed to be mounted on 15mm LWS spaced rods. Its hand wheel and bridge both accept standard accessories, and this kit includes a swing arm, two mod wheels, and two removable marking discs.

Revolvr Atom 15mm Lightweight Core Bridge. The core features an integrated, high-quality gearbox that prevents any perceivable backlash. Its snap-on clamps mount it onto lightweight 15mm support rods. It’s compatible with industry standard focus accessories such as the Revolvr and Revolvr Atom Handwheels, Revolvr 3.0-inch Handwheel Extension, 4D Speed Crank, and Bright Tangerine 270° Focus Whip.

Revolvr Atom Focus Handwheel. This handwheel is a mini version of Bright Tangerine’s standard handwheel, but continues the ergonomic, conical design. Its raised, ribbed surface gives you a secure grip, while the removable marking discs include detents that prevent them from rotating on the handwheel.

Revolvr Gears. The Atom Cine Kit includes a 0.8-pitch, 35-tooth,10mm face gear and a 0.8-pitch, 43-tooth, 6mm face gear, both of which interface with lenses that have cine-style geared focus, zoom, or iris rings. Their width gives you flexibility in follow-focus placement.

Revolvr Cine Swing Arm. You can mount the Revolvr Swing Arm Cine on either side of the Core Bridge’s drive transmission to match the focus gear’s position. Its custom drive belt and built-in tension adjustment roller helps prevent backlash, and it features a 1:1.842 gear ratio.