Canon HJ22 ex7.6B for rent at Film Equipment Hire


Canon HJ22 ex7.6B for rent at Film Equipment Hire

  • Focal Length: 7.6 – 168mm
  • Lens Mount: 2/3 Bayonet (B4, EF adapter available)
  • Lens Type: Telephoto Zoom, Wide Zoom
  • Type: Video


Day €120 / Weekend €180 / Week €360

Canon HJ22 Long portable ENG/EFP lens

Canon HJ22 ex7.6B IASE-A (HJ22ex7.6B) HD Tele Zoom, E-Digital Drive Unit with Encoder. Recent years have witnessed expansions in both HD production and the range of program genres. Within this environment the worldwide popularity of the HJ22ex7.6B lens as a flexible multipurpose lens exhibiting high optical performance and ease of operation has grown significantly. The combination of a generous 22x zoom ratio and a wide 7.6mm field of view meets numerous challenging production applications that include dramas, documentaries, sports, news etc.
A newly developed digital drive unit has further streamlined the lens ergonomics to further empower camera operator shooting flexibility. The new drive unit is identified with an “A” at the end of the model name – such as IRSE A or IASE A.

This lens mobilizes the best in portable optical design criteria offering focal lengths up to 168mm (or 336mm with extender) and a wide-angle of 64.6 degrees horizontal (for the 16:9 aspect ratio). Combined with an exceptionally high sensitivity (F1.8 maximum aperture) this is a lens that can encompass an unusually broad range of shooting situations.


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