Drager Panorama FFM for rent at Film Equipment Hire

Drager Panorama FFM – also for rebreathers.


Also available are presenter audio record devices that use Tascam DR44 remote controlled plugged into any of the full face masks for clear underwater voice recording with or without wireless operation.

Please contact John Caren at Film Equipment Hire to discuss your project and request a quotation. A lot of our equipment is stocked in the UK , please allow sufficient time when planning your shoots.

Drager Panorama FFM for rent at Film Equipment Hire

The Panorama Nova Dive is based on a tried-and-tested mask body. This, together with the 5-point head harness, provides an outstanding seal.
The mask has three Dräger plug-in connections (p-ports). The central port is designed for connecting the main breathing system.
The two side connections may be used for an emergency second stage regulator and a microphone for the communication system.
The Panorama Nova Dive features an additional exhalation valve which makes itvery easy for the diver to purge water. At
the surface the diver can breathe ambient air providing he has not inserted the main breathing system into the mask.
As it is positioned close to the face, the new flat visor offers a wide field of vision. This also reduces the volume of air inside the mask, thereby reducing buoyancy.
There are two integrated nose pieces in the visor to permit pressure equalisation.
For use with rebreathers has an integrated bite mouthpiece.


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