Honda EU22I Inverter Generator to rent at Film Equipment Hire Ireland


  • Inverter technology: the cleanest, most stable power supply – ideal for sensitive applications like powering electronics
  • Easy transport and storage: this portable Honda generator has a light weight of just 21.1kg and a compact ‘suitcase’ design with an ergonomic handle
  • Super-quiet operation: an advanced exhaust muffler system and sound-proof casing drastically reduce the operational noise of this Honda inverter generator.

    Day 40 / Weekend 60 / Week 120 ExVat

Honda EU22I Inverter Generator to rent at Film Equipment Hire Ireland

The Honda EU22I ( replacement for the popular EU20i ) Inverter Generator to rent at Film Equipment Hire Ireland is the top of the range from Honda’s Silent Generator range. The EU 22i Inverter Generator are quieter because they have acoustically insulated casings and a unique exhaust muffler system that keeps engine noise right down. This machine can make all the difference when you’re wanting to enjoy some quiet time out in the country. This compact and quiet petrol inverter generator has the ability to power even the most sensitive electronic equipment, our inverter range is trusted by professional and private users around the world. This lightweight machine is built from light material, so they’re easy to transport whether you are caravanning or camping.

The new Fuel Valve Shutoff Position keeps the engine running adding more petrol which allows you to burn off fuel in the carburetor, which means the carburetor itself won’t get damaged by stale fuel. With its unique inverter technology, you are guaranteed smooth, uninterrupted electricity wherever you may be, so you’re safe to plug in your laptop or any other sensitive electronic equipment and be confident it won’t get damaged. The new design of added ventilation holes and a new long wear material and a guard placed around the pull cord, ensuring the machine will have a long service life.


Easy Transport And Storage
Ergonomic design combined with light materials, line magnesium enable power to be available in the remotest places.

Unique Honda Eco-throttle
All inverter series units are fitted with Eco-Throttle technology, which adjusts the engine speed – whether under heavy load or light use.  This saves fuel, extend engine life and give quieter operation.

Double Your Power
All the EU generators have parallel operation capability.  Using Honda genuine parallel cables, two identical generators can be linked together to double the available power.

Always Start With Ease
The recoil starter mechanism is light and smooth and features automatic decompression for easy starts every time.

High-Quality Electricity
Generators from Inverters series supply the same high-quality electricity as outlets from your home.  This quality is critical for powering sensitive electronic devices such as laptops, TV’s and cameras.

Outstanding Reliability
Our Honda 4-stroke engines are remarkably fuel efficient and reliable, which means fewer fill-ups and reduced maintenance costs.  Oil-Alert™ Technology will automatically switch off the ignition if the oil drops below a safe level.

Super Quiet
These inverter generators have specially designed acoustically insulated casings and an advanced exhaust muffler system, which drastically reduces noise.

No Boundaries
A Honda Portable generator may be small but it’s packed with features and innovations that will provide you with clean, friendly power to run sensitive electronic equipment in the great outdoors.  A combination of lightweight materials and design and an ergonomic handle make this generator easy to lift and carry.


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