Impact Luxbanx Large Octagonal Softbox (84″)


  • White Interior
  • Spare Rod
  • Removable, Recessed Front Diffuser
  • Removable Inner Baffle
  • For Use With Strobe, LEDs & Fluorescents
  • Fits Speed Rings for Most Popular Brands
  • Optional Fabric Grids

Day €10 / Weekend €15  / Week €30

Impact Luxbanx Large Octagonal Softbox (84″)

The Luxbanx Large Octagonal Softbox from Impact is a highly versatile tool for strobes, LEDs, and fluorescents. This 84″ diameter softbox requires a bit more space than the smaller versions put the payoff is the ultimate in wrap around light quality and a kind of painterly look when used extremely off axis and close up. It’s a big enough source for photographers looking for a flatter look to literally stand in front while shooting. The softbox features a soft white interior, removable front diffuser and removable inner baffle. The diffuser and baffle can be used together for maximum softening of the output. Removing the inner baffle will give you a more crisp light quality with higher contrast, while shedding the front and inner diffusers turns the Luxbanx into a large reflector with maximum brightness and contrast.


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