MYT Works Knuckle Travel Dolly System for Rent At Film Equipment Hire


The build quality of this lightweight slider replacement that can expand from 2.5′ to 5′ is excellent. The travel is smooth and quiet – excellent for run and gun shooting.

Day €90 / Weekend €135 /  Week €270

MYT Works Knuckle Travel Dolly System for Rent At Film Equipment Hire


The Knuckle was designed, fine tuned and tweaked to be the lightest, most versatile multi-purpose platform available today. Its extreme light weight (1.3 pounds bare) and size (7″ square) mean that it can be packed and taken literally anywhere. This system allows the demanding and adventurous filmmaker to make camera dolly moves on an infinite mounting plate in any conceivable configuration. Mount with flat mount, 75mm, or 100mm doughnuts, use as a slider dolly on threaded and stackable 19mm rails, make it into a hi-hat with our individually adjustable leg adapters, and much more. Fits in a backpack, works like a charm.
The Knuckle is a totally modular system. It runs on 19mm threaded rails that have been machined to the tightest tolerances, allowing you to stack different length spans to create the track length of your choice. These stackable rails took a deceptively long time to research and develop – in order to have absolutely seamless runs, even over multiple junctures in rail, the tightest tolerances on diameter and chamfer angles must be met. For longer spans, just make sure to use one of our middle truss supports in between your two end mounts.The Knuckle portable slider dolly is compatible with a whole range of accessories that allow operators to convert their camera platform into any number of versatile tools. For example, if you’re in need of a camera hi hat, simply mount our straight or angled Turret leg adapters on the plate in a configuration of either 3 or 4 legs and you’re ready to go. This capacity allows for an instantaneous switch between shooting styles for even the most demanding on-location shooting requirements.






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