Red Epic 6K Dragon for rent at Film Equipment Hire


RED Epic with 6K Dragon Sensor – available as PL Mount, EF Mount or Nikon (non Red) Mounts

It has 16.5 stops of dynamic range and with very little noise at 2000 ISO.

Day €200 / Weekend €300 / Week €600



Red Epic Dragon for rent at Film Equipment Hire


RED EPIC Dragon 6K large sensor digital film camera

RED EPIC Camera with Dragon Sensor 6K images with the streamlined RED workflow.

A streamlined package specifically designed to maximise shooting options. A 35mm PL lens mount allows you to take advantage of beautiful film lenses – choose from Cooke S4i Minis, Zeiss Compact Prime, Zeiss Standard Speeds, Sony CineAltas, Canon CN7 and  Arri Alura 30-80 Zoom .

Amazing 400fps Slow motion

Shoot up to 120fps in 5K or up to 400fps in 1K – note that by shooting in 1K mode, you will have a crop factor of around 50%, so a 24mm lens will act like a 50mm lens for example.  The example below shows a 300fps 2K shot of a hotshoe mount being dropped into a glass of water. If you are careful, you can see a perfect still of the hotshoe mount.


Up to 18 stops of Latitude with HDRx

The original EPIC was called EPIC-M, as it used the Mysterium Sensor shared with the RED MX and now upgraded to the Mysterium X sensor.  This is a 14 Megapixel chip (5120×2700 pixels) with 13.5 stops of latitude and up to 18stops with the HDRx mode whereby the camera effectively takes a dual exposure and you have the ability to decide how best to take the best information from the fast and the slow exposure at either end of the latitude spectrum.

RED Dragon Lens Coverage, 6K and crop factor

The RED Dragon has a larger sensor than regular Super-35 cameras and significantly the previous RED EPIC camera.

This is important due to the way that the RED cameras crop the enlarged sensor depending on the resolution that you are shooting at, so shooting at 2K, 4K, 5K or 6K will use more or less of the sensor and this will affect the degree of crop factor

Bigger is Better