Scubacam Lightweight Housings for rent at Film Equipment Hire

Please contact John Caren at Film Equipment Hire to discuss your project and request a quotation. A lot of our equipment is stocked in the UK , please allow sufficient time when planning your shoots.

For surface filming, we offer lightweight housings made by Scubacam. We offer Scubacam housings for the following –

•Red Epic
•Alexa Mini
•Alexa Amira
•Phantom 4k Flex
All our scubacam bags are perfect for surface or shallow underwater filming and are very easy to set up and operate. The bags have surface control for the cameras and an HDSDI cable to surface for picture. They are also incredibly light making them a perfect choice for crane mounted cameras in the marine environment or any location where the camera may get wet. The bags are very adaptable and can take a multitude of different camera makes and models so please contact us if the camera you need to support is not listed.

Scubacam Lightweight Housings for rent at Film Equipment Hire

The Scubacam product range covers splash housings and raincovers for all popular video, film and high definition cameras. They also manufacture specialist electronic products for the film and television industries.
The housings are manufactured from anodised aluminium frameworks supporting a black polyurethane housing. The clear PVC windows allow the user to view the camera controls and displays. The camera is inserted into the housing through a military specification dry suit zip, and the housing is rendered waterproof by closing the zip. The housings are rated watertight to a depth of four metres.


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