Toshiba TU48


Toshiba TU48Kit includes

  • 2mm wide angle lens, 4mm, 15mm,
  • NP1 hirose power clip and various mounts,
  • clamps, arms and vacum suction cup, allowing it to be mounted just about anywhere.
  • Kit comes in an aluminum travel case

Day €80 / Weekend €120 / Week €240

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Toshiba TU48 3CCD PAL Broadcast Quality minicam with C mount lenses thats smaller than a box of matches. These are high end standard definiton minicams which are suited to live OB and studio shoots as they can be matched to broadcast cameras. The camera is cabled to a CCU (camera control unit) before connecting to a recording device. Frequently used by cameramen as in-car minicams and other environments where space is a premium, due to their compact size, good picture quality and width of lens. Output can be connected to any S-Viideo or BNC recording device.


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