Westcott X-Drop Kit (5 x 12′, Green Screen) for rent at Film Equipment Hire


  • Key Features
    • 5 x 12′ Chroma Key Green Backdrop
    • X-Drop Frame
    • Carry Case
    • Sets Up Backdrop Independently

Day €25 / Weekend € 37.50  / Week €75

Westcott X-Drop Kit (5 x 12′, Green Screen) for rent at Film Equipment Hire

This X-Drop Kit from Westcott allows you to set up your backdrop anywhere you want, removing the need for wall hooks or other kinds of support. Inside the package is a 5 x 12′ X-Drop green screen backdrop, an expandable X-drop frame, and a travel case.

The arms and the legs of the X-Drop frame feature small hooks that fit through the grommets to stretch the fabric and avoid wrinkles. The included backdrop is made of a wrinkle-resistant cotton blend that is designed to prevent reflections coming from any angle. It comes in a vibrant green color ideal for chroma key compositing and features five grommet holes for mounting, one on each corner and an additional center hole at the top. Cleaning the fabric is easy, simply machine wash it with cold water and then tumble dry on low.

  • Kit provides a portable solution for a free-standing backdrop and comes with a carrying case
  • Five grommet holes used to attach the backdrop to the frame, stretching the fabric for a seamless background
  • Wrinkle-resistant, machine-washable cotton blend makes for an undemanding portable backdrop
  • Chroma key green color designed for easy removal of the background during post-processing