Zacuto Rig for rent at Film Equipment Hire


  • Zacuto Shoulder Rig with Various Configurations. Please indicate type of Camera being used.

Day €50 / Weekend €75 / Week €150


Zacuto Rig for rent at Film Equipment Hire

Zacuto USA – filmmaking accessories manufacturer sales & rentals Located in Chicago, Illinois, opened in 2000 primarily as a rental house and is now known for their Zacuto USA brand of extremely high quality, originally designed camera accessories. Zacuto USA products are designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA. Designers Jens Bogehegn, Steve Weiss & Mandy Rogers have over 53 years of combined film, video & photographic experience. Known around the world for designing gear that is universal between cameras and quick releasable. Zacuto USA takes cameras and transforms them into whatever you need them to be, for any kind of shooting application. Zacuto was the first to recognize DSLR as a revolutionary game changer. Our camera kits and dslr optical viewfinders set the standard within the industry.


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